safety, comfort and design in perfect symbiosis

We founded bombol® in 2008 as newbie parents, and as parents, we all want only the very best for our kids. bombol® products are inspired by our personal everyday needs as parents. This first-hand experience is the corner stone of our innovation-driven approach: we believe that bombol® products should be like an invisible helping hand, so you are free to enjoy what really matters.

bombol® develops its products with a strong focus on security, functionality and design. The design of each new product starts from a blank piece of paper and the same basic questions: What do babies really need? How can we stimulate their development? How can we minimize bombol®‘s presence in the obvious, natural way of giving care so it is just us and our baby? What do we, as parents, desire? How can bombol® smoothly blend into your living space? How can we make products that are long-lasting?

With these questions in mind, we start designing and developing until we find the solution that has it all. Of course, bombol® products are rigorously tested on a regular basis by renowned and authorised external laboratories to guarantee compliance with all local safety regulations. The result is safe, intuitive and elegantly designed products. Nothing more, nothing less…

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