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Bamboo looks so simple. What is so different about it?
What exactly is the patented Dynamic Backrest (DBR)?
How do I use Bamboo?
Why the name bamboo?
The frame bounces so gently but holds up to 18 kg. How is that possible?
Can I fold the frame in half?
When can my child start sitting in Bamboo?
What is the NewBorn Kit (NBK)?
How long can my child sit in the baby rocker each time?
Is Bamboo certified?
Bombol says that Bamboo is certified up to 18kg, but the label on the bouncer says it is only up to 9kg. How come?
What kind of test guarantees that my child can use Bamboo up to 18kg?
How should I wash the fabric seat of my babysitter?
Bombol has any accessories available for Bamboo?
How ecological is Bamboo?
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