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chaise longue
up to 18 kg
The baby bouncer Bamboo can easily be transformed into a 'chaise longue' by simply removing the safety harness and hiding the big buttons behind the backrest. Bamboo can then be used safely by children up to 18kg, or on average 4 to 5 years old.
dynamic backrest
The patented Dynamic Backrest (DBR) actively follows and supports the baby's movements - from sleeping to sitting - and helps the baby to choose the position by simply shifting their weight.

The possibility to regularly change his or her own position provides the most ergonomic solution for your baby's healthy development. A nice detail: the look of the chair changes with your baby's activities, as the DBR's position determines how much of the elastic fabric is visible.
The light, slim structure and intentional simplicity of the design conceal the precision mechanics: it bounces very softly even with the baby's smallest movements, while the 3D curve - also patented - effortlessly carries the weight of its precious load. This is made possible by altering the mechanical properties along the aluminum frame. To create a frame so slim that combines strength with flexibility required extensive testing and countless prototypes.
NewBorn Kit
Bamboo's dynamic backrest has been designed for optimal performance once your baby starts developing motor skills.

However smaller babies might lack the weight to bring Bamboo's dynamic backrest down to the sleeping position. Therefore Bombol developed the NewBorn Kit (NBK) especially to adjust Bamboo's performance to the lighter weight of smaller babies.

The three-dimensional shape is fundamental to provide proper head and side support for your baby in this spacious bouncer. The NBK can be removed easily for washing.
When we become parents, we only want the best for our children. And rightfully so! Therefore, when it comes to safety there is no room for compromise.

For this reason, Bamboo has been exclusively tested by renowned and accredited external safety institutes. Bamboo complies with the severe European safety norm EN12890:2009, and is the only bouncer that also complies with UNI EN1728:202, meaning it can be safely used by children up to 18kg. Every single component is compliant with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), one of the strictest laws to date regulating chemical substances.
Bamboo's unique characteristics come from an innovative and fundamentally different design. The sides of Bamboo are made out of a single piece of aluminum. This allowed our designers to create an ultra-slim and virtually unbreakable frame: no more delicate regulation mechanisms that can snap! This makes Bamboo the strongest bouncer to date. The seat adjustment is instead transferred from the frame to the fabric bag to patented Dynamic Backrest (DBR).

The design itself is a contemporary interpretation of the "once upon a time" bouncer: it reflects the familiarity, confidence and comfort you expect from Bamboo.
When you become a parent for the first time, it does hit you: the realization that life is a gift, passed on from generation to generation. So leaving a clean and healthy environment behind for our little ones is just as important as the daily care we give them.
to adjust
Adjust the DBR's position without
removing the child or disturbing
the baby's sleep.

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